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Ensemble Communication: Rehearsal interactions in chamber ensembles

Project Aims:

Working in groups is a common experience for musicians, yet previous research tells us that successful collaboration does not always naturally arise. Some groups work well, whilst others fail to achieve their potential.  The question of how musical groups form and develop their ways of working is at the heart of this research, which seeks to:

  • Investigate ways of working of student, amateur and professional chamber musicians in collaborative rehearsals, 
  • Explore how the patterns and combinations of rehearsal activities emerge over time in music ensembles, and how they contribute to group development.

This approach builds on research from the management sciences, in particular research on interaction patterns and group behaviour.  As well as generating practical recommendations for performance preparation and group development of music ensembles, this project also connects to broader organisational behaviour research goals by providing case material of musicians as examples of high-performing, expert ‘teams’.

Lead researcher:  Nicola Pennill, University of Sheffield
Supervisors:  Dr Renee Timmers, Dr Catherine Laws, Dr Dermot Breslin (Sheffield University Management School)

Nicola Pennill,
Mar 14, 2016, 4:59 AM