Call for papers

Music ensembles can be experienced, investigated and understood from multiple perspectives. Whilst communication and reception by performers and audience members lie at the heart of this, many other elements play a part, including perception, socio-cultural factors, coordination, digital technologies and environment.This conference aims to bring together music performers, academics, and teachers and offer an interdisciplinary perspective on ensemble performance including theory and practice. Disciplines may include among others music education, music performance, psychology, sociology, ethnomusicology, acoustics, aesthetics, computer science, audio engineering, and music technology.

The conference may include spoken presentations, poster sessions, workshops and performance demonstrations. We welcome submissions relevant to the field, including but not limited to the following research areas:


·      Ensemble communication

·      Ensemble rehearsal and education

·      Social dynamics

·      Timing, gestures and coordination

·      Audience and performer perceptions

·      Acoustics, space and ensemble performance

·      Performance style and expression

·      Amateur music making

·      Technologies for ensemble performance and its investigation

·      Musical interaction in various styles and cultures

·      Applications of musical interaction for wellbeing and development

Call for Contributions  

Maximum 500 word abstracts are invited for contributions to this conference using the following structure:

Contribution Type - spoken presentations, poster sessions, workshops or performance demonstrations


Main contribution


Practical requirements

Contributions may be proposed by established ensembles or individuals. The aim is to provide an opportunity for contributors to showcase new technologies or discuss practical implementations and practice in more depth than in standard paper presentations where appropriate.

Abstracts should be submitted by 1st November 2017 (updated from 23rd October) via the conference EasyChair website here.