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Joint presentation at the WRoCAH Conference 2016

Network students Ryan Kirkbride, Sara D'Amario and Nicola Pennill (pictured above, left to right, in the post-presentation panel discussion) made a joint presentation at the recent WRoCAH Conference, at the National Science and Technology Centre at York University.  Their topic was, 'a preliminary observational study of vocal quartets in a masterclass setting', which focussed on the outcomes of their collaboration at World Voice Day in April 2016.

Results were presented from the live experiments conducted on the day, in which classical and barbershop singers participated in masterclass sessions, and were assessed before and after for changes in synchronisation or gestural behaviour.  Also, some of the benefits of collaboration and working as part of a research network were discussed, of particular interest to the audience of WRoCAH students at various stages of their research careers.