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Feedback from WVD Event

  • Feedback on the day

    Selection of Audience feedback comments:

    “Really enjoyed listening to live music - which I don’t do often.  Also interesting to think a bit what the coaches were picking up and why”

    “Incredible, I really enjoyed all the singing.”

    “Brilliant, really enjoyable afternoon.  Deserves better advertising, only found out about it two days ago.”

    “Who invented singing?  It was amazing, I didn’t know how to sing.”

    “Thank you for organising this!”

    Participant satisfaction ‘score’

    A number of questions were asked of the singers before and after the event, relating to the nature of their goals and how they sing together.  This data will be analysed fully as part of the overall research output of the event, however a useful indicator is their individual answers to the question,

    “To what extent were your hopes and/or goals for for the session achieved?”

    Asked to score out of 10, the scores were as follows:

    Barbershop quartet (10, 10, 9, 9)  95%

    Classical quartet (10, 10, 10, 10)  100%


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