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Yineng Gordon Zeng

Computer Science
Course: MComp Enterprise Computing: Information Technology Management for Business
Nationality: Chinese

When you were born and where you studied in China

I come from Changsha, China where I studied at high school. In order to seek a greater stage and make full use of the English I have learnt, I left my previous university course and transferred to the University of Sheffield.

The course you are on & Particular aspects of the course you enjoy

Now I am a third year student studying Enterprise Computing: Information Technology Management for Business. This course consists of 2/3 computer science modules and 1/3 business modules, and most assessments are based on coursework rather than a single exam. Personally, I do like this kind of education system very much. Because you can put what you have learnt into practice along with course, and you will not be overwhelmed in the exam period. However it also means that you need to work hard consistently to get a good grade.

Your hobbies and outside interests

In my first year, I was living an international community which is provided by the university. I made friends from all over the world and natives as well. We keep in touch on Facebook, travel around UK and had picnics in parks.

This year I am living in a house with my previous flatmates, so I get a chance to do some flowers and herbs in our backyard garden. On the weekend, I often go to the gym to take exercise especially swimming; sometimes I visit my friends who are living in a different area of Sheffield and ask them to show me around.

Individually, I would like to join the interesting activities and seminars that I received from our university email. They are not only about computer technologies and business, but also some topics in sociology, music, health and so on. I did make new friends with common interest and even meet some of them weekly.

Your future plans

My course is four year programme, and I plan to go on my fourth year for a master degree. Besides I am looking for a part time job for the summer vacation, ideally I hope it can be an internship in software development or business management.