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 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Course: BEng Electronic Engineering
Nationality: Sri Lanka

Choosing the correct university is one of the most important decisions to be made in life, and I definitely have no second thoughts in my choice, the University of Sheffield. Though, you probably would have read and heard a lot about the university’s reputation, rankings, facilities and opportunities when I was back in Sri Lanka, you never know whether it would be the right choice for you unless you experience it yourself. Hence, even I was not quite sure whether I made the correct decision by choosing the University of Sheffield. But, if you are looking for high quality education, affordable, comfortable and an amazing living experience with a diverse culture and friendly people in a lovely city, then Sheffield is undoubtedly the place for you!

I am a second year Electronic Engineering undergraduate student, but this is my first year at the University of Sheffield. I completed my Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Colombo, Sri Lanka which enabled me to enter directly to the second year of my course. The quality and the method of teaching is somewhat different to what I had experienced before, but the transition process had been smooth, mainly due to the fellow students and staff who are always willing to help. My subject area needs a lot of messing around with circuits, wires and other electronic components, and the university provides these in their excellent laboratory facilities. Also, the library facilities at the University, with the Information Commons open 24 hours a day provides the ideal atmosphere for a student who wants to study till night, especially during the exam periods.

University work can be really tough at times, but there is always something to do just to get you relaxed. You can always go to the Goodwin Sports Centre to engage yourself in some sort of sporting activity, watch a movie at the Students Union, make a trip to Peak District or even do some shopping (if it helps you) at the city centre which is only a five minute walk from the university. Being involved with clubs or societies is another good way to keep you stress-free and you have the opportunity to choose what is ideal for you from a variety of clubs and societies.

If you feel afraid that you might lose touch with your Sri Lankan culture, it would be safe to say that, that is something you should not worry at all. There is a very active Sri Lankan Society at the University which brings together all Sri Lankans and helps us feel at home, especially during religious festivals when we tend to miss home the most. Also, whenever we have any free time, we always get together and test our skills in cricket or football, which can be extremely competitive due to the talented sportsmen we find around here.

Finally, a word about the Sheffield. I could not think of a better place for a student to live! Renowned to be UK’s greenest city, living expenses are much low compared to other major cities in UK. You could always find accommodation with close proximity to the University and it is also very convenient to get yourself around the city either by foot, bus or tram.

I certainly did not expect life at University to be anything more than longs hours of stressful work and feeling homesick a foreign land. But as it turns out, there is much more on offer. The experiences I have had so far at the University of Sheffield have been simply amazing and could be cherished for a lifetime. But for now, I have more time left to spend in Sheffield and I am certainly looking forward to gaining the most out of it.