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Ryan Kirkbride

Postgraduate Researcher
Ryan Kirkbride

School of Music

Ryan is currently attending the University of Leeds as a postgraduate research student in the School of Music funded by the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities as part of the network of Expressive Nonverbal Communication in Ensemble Performance. His research interests lie in computer analysis of expressive gestures in musical performance and creative programming.

After graduating from the University of Leeds with a BSc in Computer Science with Industry in 2014, Ryan moved across campus from the School of Computing to the School of Music to complete an MA in Computer Music. His final project was entitled "The Infinite Remix Machine" and focused on Music Information Retrieval and acousmatic composition.

While Computer Science was Ryan's initial academic pursuit, he has 10 years experience playing piano and guitar performing with groups and as a solo act. In March 2013 he won the Tate Liverpool Museum Sound Factory song competition and performed as part of their Performance of Style exhibition.

Kirkbride, Ryan, and Kia Ng. "Infinite Remix Machine: Automatic Analysis and Arrangement of Musical Recordings." Proceedings of the Conference on Electronic Visualisation and the Arts. British Computer Society, 2015.