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Name - Maida Ahmed

Course – Bioengineering

Year – 1st year

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Maida Ahmed and I am a first year Bioengineering student here at the University of Sheffield. I am originally from Pakistan but I have been living in Barcelona, Spain since the age of ten. After spending almost a semester at the university of Sheffield I can confidently say that I made the right choice on both the degree and the university as the it has fulfilled my expectations in every aspect from the academics to the social life. Apart from academics I am currently the secretary of the Pakistani society of the university.

Which subject was your favourite at school?

Biology, Mathematics and Economics

How did you decide which degree course to take?

I heard the term “genetic engineering” in 8th grade and since than I have been interested in areas around this field. Biology has always been one of my favourite subjects, I have always looked forward to dissections in my high school science lessons. But I also really enjoy studying mathematics and hence this lead me to choose Bioengineering which I found to be a very balanced mixture of the two subjects I really enjoy studying.

What advice would you give to people about to choose a university course?

Choosing a university course is one of the most important decisions of a student’s career therefore they should really put some thought into this process. Personally, I believe that one should not only study a course that they enjoy but also something that is challenging enough for them. Always push your limits and try to find that particularly hard course that you find hard yet you look forward to.

What do you particularly enjoy and why?

As a bioengineering student I particularly enjoy the balance that the course holds between numerical and anatomy lectures. Whereas in one hour I am in a Mathematics lecture with engineers from other departments (such as Mechatronics and Aerospace), in the next hour I am in the dissection room of the medical teaching unit analyzing a human body along with the medical students.

One of the most helpful things I find in my schedule are the tutorial sessions where we students get a chance to interact with the lecturer and ask any doubts or questions.

The social life at the university has something in store for everyone. There are a tremendous number of societies that the students are encouraged to join. Being an internationally enriched community it is common to have events such as the intro carnival, world food festival and world week at the university.

How is studying your subject or methods of learning different at university than at school?

The learning method at the university is very different from school. As a university student one is expected to be an individual learner. Especially in an engineering degree in which there is a lot of mathematical content involved, students are expected to play with the concepts in their own time to fully understand these.