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Luke Windsor

University of Leeds
School of Music

Dr Luke Windsor joined the School of Music in 1998. Prior to this, he completed his doctorate on the perception and analysis of electroacoustic music at City University, held a postdoc position at the NICI researching timing in performance, and coordinated the development of a postgraduate distance learning programme in music psychology at the University of Sheffield, where he also worked as a research assistant investigating the modelling of expressive timing and dynamics in performance. His published research has focused on the perception and production of musical rhythm and metre, expressive and cooperative timing in musical performance, musical collaboration, and the analysis and aesthetics of electroacoustic music, and ecological approaches to musical behaviour.

Research interests:

  • Expression and interpretation in musical performance
  • Timing and motor control in music
  • Creativity, collaboration and improvisation
  • Ecological psychology (and its application to music)
  • Semiotics, Critical Theory and music analysis
  • Electroacoustic music
  • Improvisation

Luke’s research and teaching is mainly concerned with how we listen to, perform and interpret music and the critical and empirical tools we use to study musical behaviour. Current and past collaborators include former colleagues in the Music, Mind, Machine team at the NICI, Eric Clarke (University of Sheffield), Nikki Dibben (University of Sheffield), Amandine Penel (University of Provence), Bruno Repp (Haskins Labs) and Sam Hayden. Between 2002 and 2012 he was an associate editor of the journal Psychology of Music. He is currently working on ecomusicology and its relationship with ecological psychology; behaviour settings and creativity (with Karen Burland); audiovisual perception (with Dave Ireland); and on playing by ear (with Diane Sapiro).