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Before I came to the University of Sheffield I was studying in a normal high school in Benghazi, and I enrolled in an English language evening course to achieve the English language requirements, I had a couple of summer jobs with engineering companies before my last year which I found helped with choosing which engineering course I would study.

The University of Sheffield is one of the top universities in the UK for mechanical engineering, it offered a clear progression path from the international foundation course to the undergraduate course. The location is great and it is a safe city. Also, the high number of international students suggested that I would find it easier to settle into the community.

I think what makes my course enjoyable is the fact that I can tailor it towards the subjects I like. For the first two years everyone studies the basics of mechanical engineering, but after that you have a large number of subjects to choose form. Also, with so many engineering projects like engineers without borders and formula student, you can actually apply all the theory we learn and build something!

Another thing I think improves the experience of studying at Sheffield is the fact that we have to solve problems from the industry and cooperate with engineers from different courses to find the best solution for that problem, which helps prepare us for work after we graduate.

The teaching methods at the University of Sheffield are simple and very effective. We usually study the theory at lectures, solve questions about them in tutorials, and then see the theory implemented in lab experiments. Also, we can get extra support from our personal tutors.

I believe the most important thing I would achieve after graduating isn’t just the degree itself, but the experience that I get from all the extra activities I have done. That is not to say that my degree isn’t important because it is, but I believe that the University of Sheffield has so much more to offer.

Life in Sheffield is great, it has good night life, amazing green parks, and if big parks aren’t enough the peak district is a few minutes away by car. It has a great cinema and entertainment centre, and a big mall for shopping. So it pretty much has everything a student would need.

After finishing my degree I hope to get a graduate placement at an engineering company, and then after a few years of working achieve a chartered engineer status. I am still not sure what field of engineering I want to work in, but hopefully I will have a rough idea soon.

To be honest I don’t think the transition of coming to study here is as bad as I thought before, but from my experience, my advice for prospective students would be to learn a few meals from their country, since it sometimes helps with home sickness.